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Maybe you are running low on inspiration or you are simply curious about how other people use their journals.

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One thing to keep in mind is that all these examples come from public sources.

That means that the people that wrote them probably have applied a good dose of self-censorship knowing that their thoughts will be visible.

This is why, if you want to get the most benefits you should keep your a private journal. Without that self-censorship, you can properly explore your mind and feeling.

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Also, note that I’m not going to credit the entries to avoid un-asked-for attention for their writers.

Reflection journal entry examples

Well, It’s over now. Over and I have to somehow try to let go. It ended on January 29th. Ended with her not talking to me for nearly 24 hours when we had spoken EVERY night before bed and EVERY morning before work. It’s been over a month and it feels like an eternity. She emailed me an apology on Valentine’s Day telling me how warm and loving I always was with her. Telling me that I was 100% right to put the breaks on the relationship. She had previously told me that she felt like she was losing me and I had told her that I was so sorry that she felt that way…

In an office environment one thing that pisses me off is when shit isn’t where it’s supposed to be.

Idiots here get up from their chair and just leave it in the way of the walking space. It’s like to weave my way through the obstacle of chairs everytime.

When stationery is not kept back in place…

Next time when you donate to charity, ask yourself…are you doing it to make yourself happy or are you really bent on helping someone else. Cause it’s two different things.

Today I saw a lady, dressed in fashionable threads. She gave this beggar on the roadside a few coins. I mean she could have easily have given a lot more. But then she chooses to shell out some small change…

Time to leave for the day. I have a half eaten bar of chocolate from yesterday I will enjoy that. I could have shared it with the ass humans at work but nope no way. All mine.

Some really nasty people in the world. Bitter to see others having more courage than they could ever have. Living in a life they are unhappy in and bringing the people down who do change their lives and have the courage too.

You can carry on being miserable and living a fake happiness and I’ll carry on being positive and living a real happiness.

Yesterday I finished work early. I made myself some scrambled egg for lunch, then treated myself to a hot cross bun. Hubby wasn’t home so I was just enjoying the peace of having the house to myself. I was just thinking about taking the dog for a walk, when he came home. Straight away he’s moaning cus I’m home so early ( never mind that every other day this week I’m working ‘full days’ He then started on about the weekend I’ve booked away in August. Now this was booked last August, and I’d asked permission to do it before booking it….

I’m on my lunch break right now, and I only have about 20 minutes left. I just ate a delicious bowl of crunch berries. Now I’m going to have a bowl of eggs. I’m trying to boost my fertility if I can. Like I said before, we’re still having unprotected sex in the midsts of all this commotion because conception is still in the back of our minds….

Creative journal entry examples

Among treasured memory you reside,

and how unlikely our paths did collide.

I Recall flashes of reminiscence fading with age,

can what corrosion remains justly set the stage.

Our place of meeting a water theme park,

a child’s paradise for a thrill and a lark.

Coming both with parents in tow,

we pick camp in the same table row.

Her name was Princess. I met her through my other friend. We became close by talking on the phone, frequently. At that time, I wasn’t sure if either I like her or I just like talking with her. My friend and I sometimes visited her from San Francisco to Newark. There was a time that I tried to get hooked up with her friend, but she ended up with my friend instead. It was not a big deal because I like Princess more. Princess was a jolly girl who likes to have fun, until she began to like someone from her school. We often talked about our love-lives. I didn’t feel any jealousy for her liking someone. I wanted her to find happiness and follow where she thought she could find it…

Travel journal entry examples

During the 5-hour drive east into Tena, I watched through the window as the vegetation slowly evolved from green farm-spotted hills to dense, mossy, wet jungle. We stayed as groups in separate cabanas and the rooms were impressively clean, although when walking in-between the houses you would see wild monkeys which were bold enough to stroll into the lobby scratching their fleas.

Dr. Lawrence and I had the last flight of everyone in our class, leaving at midnight on the 14th. We took advantage of the free day by signing up for a free walking tour of Quito, and I was very happy to be able to revisit the sites I had briefly seen that one time with Juan Sebastian. Waking up in the house that final day felt depressing to me. For the length of my stay, Ecuador had been defined by the group of funny, and frustrating, and kind people I spent those two weeks with, and now I was the only one left.

My first glympse of Paros was magical. A typical Greek island village, whitewashed with flashes of brilliant turqoise and teal, met my gaze. Maze-like alleys connected the village and it appears that all of the buidings are somehow connected. It was evening, and all the alley were choked with tables and chairs lit with tiny candles. Music floated through the air punctuated with laughter and conversation.

Pregnancy journal entry examples

I heard that if your baby’s heart beat is slower it is a boy and if it is faster it is a girl. Also if the fetus is bigger in size that it is supposed to be it is very likely that it is a boy. My baby heart beat is 150. Anything under 160 and above 100 is normal.

Well, nothing new happened. Everything is the same. I am just getting bigger and more anxious to see this baby. I got light form of anemia but doctor says it is nothing to worry about. I just have to take extra iron. My husband and I have been taking prenatal yoga classes for a while. They are great! Also we have several classes like childbirth, breastfeeding, cesarean section and hospital tour in the next 2 months. So we are going to be pretty busy.

Pre-pregnancy weight: 103

Week 21: 119 lbs

Week 27: 127 lbs

I did not try to induce my labor in any way. I was not dilated, effaced or anything at 37 week appointment. I was planing a natural labor and delivery without pain medication. I took several ChildBirth classes and HypnoBirthing classes and nothing went as I planned, but it was a positive experience at the end.

Of course, there are other types of journals that you can keep but I think these examples should be able to answer some of your questions.

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