How it works

Separate journals for separate things

No need to mix up things, like feelings with your favorite recipes or keep multiple books at once. Simply create a new journal for the purpose you need.

Add a quick update or write more deeply

If you just need to jot down an idea or vent a little you can simply use the quick editor and do just that. If you prefer to write more deeply, add some photos, lists and other formatting options just open the regular editor and go at it.

Set reminders to keep yourself on track

Each journal has it’s own notification and you can set the time and days at which you would like to receive the notifications.

Use templates to make writing easier

Need a bit of inspiration? No worry, just use a template with a few prompts for the occasion. You can use one of our own demo templates or add your own if you find any interesting stuff somewhere else.

Set goals and break them down into tasks

For many, journaling is part of growing and achieving new goals so in MusePeach you can set goals and then further break them down with checklist items and the rest of the regular editor.

Setup tasks and checklists and mix them up when you need

You know those times when you need a checklist but you also need to add some context and details. You can do that with MusePeach, just add tasks wherever in your entry or just create a regular list, it’s up to you.

Easy access to your favorite entries from all the journals

If you want to have easy access to particular entries just add them to the favorites list and easily come back to them after months or years of entries.

Find any entry easily with a powerful search

Remember something vague about a particular entry you don’t really know where it is? Cool, add that to the search function and let it do it’s magic.

Get a quick glance at previous entries in a timeline

Yes, you can do that easily when you only keep one journal but if you handle a few more you can see a timeline of what’s been added to all of them.

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